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There is diversity not only in the range of reporting channels, but also in the stakeholder groups for whom the whistleblowing system is available Employees are by far the most important stakeholder group that can submit reports. Across all countries, more than half of the companies also give other internal stakeholders – such as shareholders and owners – as well as external stakeholders – such as customers and suppliers – the opportunity to report illegal or unethical conduct.

Further analysis shows that in Germany one third, in Great Britain just over 40 per cent, in Switzerland nearly half and in France just over half of the companies surveyed open the whistleblowing system to one stakeholder group only. On average, the companies surveyed in Germany, France, Great Britain and Switzerland make their whistleblowing system available to two different stakeholder groups.

While in Germany and France, the SMEs surveyed on average open their whistleblowing system more than large enterprises, in Switzerland and Great Britain the reverse is true (see country charts).