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Means of communication



The companies surveyed use many means and channels to draw attention to their whistleblowing system. Two thirds of the German and French companies surveyed have established more than half of the means and channels listed in Figure 55 to provide information about their whistleblowing system. In Great Britain it is more than three quarters of the companies.

The Swiss companies are at the back of the pack with almost 60 per cent. However, large companies in Switzerland have increased the number of means of communication used compared with to the Whistleblowing Report 2018. The values for most measures are significantly higher, with communication by top management in particular rising by 46 percentage points.

It is not surprising that the SMEs surveyed in all four countries use fewer channels and resources on average (see country charts). Like large companies, they communicate strongly via top management and line managers. The intranet is also a central communication tool. For the vast majority of SMEs and large companies, the whistleblowing system is addressed in the Code of Conduct. Interesting to note in this context: the vast majority of companies have already drawn up a separate whistleblowing policy or guideline.

In addition, in-depth statistical analysis shows that more reports are received by the whistleblowing system if it is communicated via as many channels as possible.