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Intention to introduce a whistleblowing system



A good third of the German and French companies surveyed, who do not yet have a whistleblowing system, are discussing the introduction of a whistleblowing system or are already planning implementation within the next twelve months.

In Great Britain, an even greater percentage of companies are working on the introduction of a whistleblowing system. 14 per cent aim plan to implement one within the next year while 27 per cent are engaged in discussions but do not have a specific timetable.

The Swiss companies surveyed stated most frequently that they were not considering introducing a whistleblowing system (69%). At the same time, however, 12 per cent of companies without a whistleblowing system are planning the implementation of one. In all four countries there are clearly more large companies than SMEs who want to establish this tool for the prevention and exposure of misconduct in the next twelve months (see country charts).