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More than half of the companies surveyed in Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland allow their whistleblowers to submit reports anonymously. By contrast, the majority of the French companies surveyed expect whistleblowers to indicate their name. This is treated confidentially by those responsible for the whistleblowing system and is not passed on during processing. Only for a small proportion of all companies surveyed are whistleblowers obliged to state their name when reporting, which can also be disclosed by the relevant authority.

The in-depth analysis shows that both larger and successful companies, which have grown over the last two years and expect growth in the coming 12 months, are more likely to allow anonymous whistleblowing.

It is striking that the results of SMEs and large companies differ significantly only in Switzerland (see country charts). 73 per cent of the large companies surveyed there enable anonymous reporting – almost 20 per cent more than in the first Whistleblowing Report. For SMEs, this is only around 44 per cent; the majority of companies, on the other hand, insist that the whistleblower identity be disclosed.