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Greatest loss detected



In the context of this second whistleblowing report, it was also of interest to find out what the largest financial loss has been since the introduction of the whistleblowing system.

The majority of companies in all countries, with the exception of Germany, have not yet been able to identify any misconduct resulting in financial loss through the whistleblowing system. This does not mean, however, that these companies have not yet been able to expose any misconduct through the whistleblowing system, as not every illegal or unethical action causes immediate, quantifiable financial loss (e.g. bullying, sexual harassment etc.).

As the figure above shows, German and Swiss companies in particular were able to uncover serious cases with financial loss of EUR 100,000 or more thanks to submissions made via the whistleblowing system. This is mainly relevant to large companies (see country charts). The fact that the proportion of high loss is greater in Switzerland is consistent with the recognition that the financial losses for Swiss companies tend to be higher.

Furthermore, the statistical analysis makes it clear that the proportion of financial loss is particularly high, i.e. that the whistleblowing system is particularly effective, if it is easily accessible. This means that as many stakeholders as possible (e.g. employees, customers, shareholders/owners, competitors, suppliers and the general public) have the opportunity to submit reports and the whistleblowing system is communicated as widely as possible.