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The results show that the companies surveyed in all four countries have numerous means of communication at their disposal. The question now arises as to how often they use them to draw the attention of their employees to the whistleblowing system.

A clear majority of British and German SMEs and large companies surveyed issue communications at least twice a year about their whistleblowing systems. Around 40 per cent inform their employees annually or only once, for example when the whistleblowing system is introduced.

Looking at the results for France and Switzerland, it appears that the companies inform their workforce less frequently than in the other countries. Less than half of the French companies surveyed (45%) and only one third of Swiss companies communicate at least twice a year. While in France the large companies surveyed communicate more strongly, in Switzerland it is more the SMEs (see country charts); 60 per cent of the large Swiss companies surveyed make their employees aware of their whistleblowing systems only once or annually.