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Exposure by whistleblowing systems



The results show that in 2018 in all four countries more than one third of the companies surveyed were affected by misconduct and in some cases suffered significant financial loss as a result. As the figure above illustrates, whistleblowing systems are an effective tool for exposing misconduct and thus reducing further financial cost and risk to the company.

For example, all the companies surveyed who suffered financial loss last year confirm that they were able to expose part of this total loss thanks to the whistleblowing system. One third of German and French were able to uncover more than 60% of their total financial loss (financial loss due to misconduct) thanks to the whistleblowing system. But in France this result was mostly driven by large companies; the proportion of financial loss uncovered by the whistleblowing system is lower for SMEs.

The survey in Switzerland showed that half of the companies questioned were able to expose between 21 and 60 per cent of the total financial loss thanks to the whistleblowing system. In Great Britain, the figure is slightly lower at just under 30 per cent, where many of the companies (45 %) state that they were able to uncover a smaller proportion of the total loss (1-20 %) through the whistleblowing system.