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Consequences of misconduct



In practice, there is often uncertainty as to whether and to whom the outcomes of misconduct investigations should be communicated. In the present study, this question was put to all companies, regardless of whether they have a whistleblowing system.

The majority of the companies surveyed tell their employees about the outcomes of misconduct investigations. Around 30 per cent communicate the outcomes to the whistleblower who drew attention to the misconduct. However, just as many companies refrain from communicating the outcomes at all. Only very few of the companies surveyed inform the public about the outcomes of a misconduct investigation.

In all four countries, more SMEs communicate the consequences of misconduct to their employees than large companies (see country charts). Unsurprisingly, large companies are more likely to communicate the outcomes to the public, with the exception of France.

Finally, the statistical analysis shows that the companies surveyed with a whistleblowing system are more likely to communicate the outcomes of a misconduct case than those that don't have one.