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» Whistleblowing Report 2019 «

A comprehensive study on whistleblowing in European companies: from the design and communication to the use and benefits of effective whistleblowing systems

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About this study

»1392 companies, 4 countries, 1 topic: Whistleblowing systems in European companies «

Whistleblowing and whistleblowing systems in companies are becoming increasingly important throughout Europe, not least due to recent legislative initiatives. At the same time, many companies are uncertain how to design and introduce an effective whistleblowing system. This study provides scientifically substantiated and representative findings about:


To what extent companies in Germany, France, Great Britain and Switzerland are affected by illegal and unethical actions and to what extent whistleblowing systems are used as a detection and prevention tool.

Whistleblowing systems

How effective whistleblowing systems can be designed and communicated and the benefits companies derive from them.

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Misconduct in companies

»Keeping a close eye: To what extent companies are affected by illegal and unethical actions «

Conduct that violates current legal provisions or the ethical views of a society occurs in almost every second European company. Learn more about the situation in the individual countries and the amount of damage caused to companies by these cases of misconduct.

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Misconduct in companies

»Prevention and exposure: What measures companies take against misconduct «

Companies take various measures to prevent and detect illegal and unethical actions. Almost 60 per cent of European companies have introduced a whistleblowing system. Learn more about these different instruments and the situation in each country.

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whistleblowing systems in companies

» Whistleblowing systems as an effective measure for preventing and exposing misconduct «


»The Whistleblowing Report as a PDF for Download «

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